Welcome to the innovative Hylunia Wellness MD Spa.
Where Eastern wisdom meets Western science.


Results. Results. Results.

As a company founded by medical doc- tors, naturopaths, ayurvedic physicians and scientists whose core value are science-based holistic innovation, results have always been most important to us. To verify your results following each service, we take “before and after” chakra energy photos and measure blood pres- sure, pulse rate and oxygen level to show how you have relaxed and your energy has transformed. You’ll see that Mind/Body/Beauty really works.

Hylunia Wellness MD Spa programs and Eastern natural modalities like yoga, mantra meditation and other therapies are designed to help you cultivate your beauty, boost your self-image, balance your life and intensify your happiness. Start with a complementary beverage and relax in our tranquil courtyard before beginning your transforming journey. All Spa services open with our Rituals of Bali that transport you to a highly receptive trance state. These relaxation and stress reduction techniques provide peace of mind and openness and allow you to reap all of the benefits of your Spa therapies.

We look at you as the whole person you are. We evaluate and appreciate your needs, body type, stress index, detoxification, eating habits, energy, motivation and lifestyle and prepare a program to leave you balanced and happy. Then we recommend a strategy selected from our menu of time-tested therapies, facials, stress reduction techniques, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and weight management plans.

As Dr. Lingam states, “Happiness and prevention are the best anti-aging medicine.” To find true happiness, you receive the results of our natural programs custom designed exclusively for you. Prevention comes from our products and our environment free of toxins, endocrine disruptors, stress, sun and pressures. Request an appointment today and see how the Eastern wisdom and Western science of Hylunia Wellness MD Spa will transform you.

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