“A world designed expressly for you. One size doesn't fit all.”


Free yourself
of negative energy.

You need to be free of all negative energy and thoughts to be truly happy. Consider the Spa your safe haven, a warm and cozy retreat filled with positive energy and happiness. It’s a place where you may release all negative chakra blockages through positive thinking, customized mantra meditation and yoga. We will help you dispel negative energy and replace it with positive energy. Of course, happiness is contagious. So, once you have made the personal transformation in your life, you can influence others with your happiness.

For Your Body and Mind

Hylunia Exclusive Custom Massage
60 minutes - $115 / 75 minutes - $130 / 120 minutes - $200

Combining gentle, rhythmic techniques that soften body tissue, alleviate stress and tension and contribute to your overall sense of well-being, our therapist/mentors help you custom design a therapy to maximize your results.

Chakra Balancing Massage
60 minutes - $115 / 75 minutes - $130 / 120 minutes - $200

Achieve greater physical, mental and emotional health and learn your own signature mantra with this soothing and balancing massage. Become one with your body while your Chakra points are aligned with specially blended chakra essential oils, color therapy, gem stones and Chi/Prana energy.

Stress Relief + FIRE Therapy Massage
60 minutes - $115 / 75 minutes - $130 / 120 minutes - $200

Calm your soul and soothe your knotted, achy muscles. Pressure ranges from light to medium with long, flowing Swedish massage strokes. Deep penetrating FIRE Therapy (Far-Infra Red Energy) at acupressure points melts away tension in critical areas of your body.

Shirodhara Ritual Massage*
75 minutes - $130

Leave tension, anxiety and stress behind as you surrender to the hypnotic effects of this ancient Ayurveda treatment. Deep breathing techniques calm your senses and a neck and shoulder massage prepares you for warm oil gently cascading onto your forehead to stimulate your 3rd eye chakra and runs thru the hair. Your blissful journey concludes with a full-body massage. This ritual’s therapeutic benefits almost defy description and must be experienced to be appreciated. Note: This ritual is not recommended if you have sensitive hair dyes.

*This service cannot be performed as a couples therapy.

Oh Baby Pre- or Post-Natal Massage
60 minutes - $115

Providing a mother-to-be or new mother, special attention she needs, you completely relax while special care and signature techniques are used to comfort your most aching places. Please note that pre-natal massages are available for guests passed their first trimester.

Massage Pour Deux
60 minutes - $230 / 75 minutes - $260 / 120 minutes - $400

Intimacy, harmony and synergy are the focus of your shared massage in our beautifully appointed couple’s suite. Whichever massage you select, your therapists create a rapport that guarantees relaxation of mind, body and spirit.

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