“FIRE” (Far Infrared) Heat Therapy

“FIRE” (Far Infrared) Heat Therapy

Now, everyone knows saunas can be extremely beneficial. In a sauna, you sweat out lots of toxins and give a boost to your immune system. Studies have shown that the average person pours out as much as a pint of sweat by spending just a few minutes in a sauna.


Not only does your body undergo a lot of detoxification because of all of the perspiration, but you also will experience relaxation and rejuvenation as well – and this greatly helps your emotional wellbeing. Not surprisingly, saunas have been around for thousands of years and are very popular today as well.

“FIRE” therapy does all of this – only much more efficiently and effectively.

In a traditional sauna, the air around you is heated until the temperature goes up to about 185 degrees Fahrenheit. This causes your skin to heat up, and in minutes your skin temperature shoots up to 104 deg F. Your pulse rate can increase by almost 30%, causing the heart to pump a lot more blood every minute than it does usually. This also means a lot more blood than usual is rushing through the tiny capillaries in your skin as well, causing you to sweat very profusely.

All of this opens up your pores, and push toxins out with the sweat rushing out of your body.

With FIRE therapy – also referred to as infrared saunas, instead of heating the air around you and then causing your skin temperature to increase, far infrared waves are directed at your body. These waves penetrate deep into your body, and gently heat it and cause the temperature to go up.

How FIRE therapy is better than a traditional sauna

More detoxification: Studies have shown that while sweat induced in a sauna contains about 3% toxins, sweat induced in FIRE therapy contains as much as 17% toxins. Which means a lot more toxins are coming out in FIRE therapy.

Burns calories: In addition, this is a good way to burn calories as well.

Added Benefits

In addition to detoxification and burning calories, this is a great way to relax and get rid of stress. If you are into hot yoga, you will love the way you will feel if you try FIRE therapy before your hot yoga session.

Tips for Best Results

Don’t do this right after a heavy meal: It’s always a good idea to wait for at least 2 to 3 hours after eating before a FIRE session. This is because when the circulation to your skin is boosted, some of the blood is directed away from your internal organs. And during digestion, more blood is needed by your digestive system. A FIRE session immediately after eating might interfere with digestion.

Take baby steps: When you are just starting out with this, you would want to limit it to one or two 20 to 30 minute sessions once or twice a week. Give your body a chance to get attuned to this, and then gradually work your way to 45 to 60 minute sessions two to three times a week.

Drink lots of water: Normally, most of us drink too little water to start with. Sodas, coffee and other beverages do not count. You would want to drink at least 6 to 8 liters of water every day. And make sure you drink at least a liter of water extra on days you are undergoing a FIRE session. You would want to drink water or natural fruit juices right before, during and after he session as well.

Stretch: Gently stretching your body during the session can increase flexibility and alleviate join pains.

Toddlers and infants should not use a sauna / FIRE therapy : This is not recommended for toddlers and infants. While older children may use a sauna or try FIRE therapy, they should not spend more than 15 to 20 minutes because their metabolism responds much faster than an adult’s. If you are planning to have your child (at least 6 years or older) try this, make sure they are properly hydrated and consume water or natural fruit juices before, during and after the session.
Check with your doctor: If you have cardiovascular problems, hyper tension, hypo tension or are over 65 years, you would want to consult your doctor before you sign up. This is because like a sauna, FIRE therapy increases circulation to your skin, but this happens because the body routes some blood away from your internal organs. Additionally, your heart will have to work a lot harder than it normally does. For a normal, healthy person this is not a problem. But for someone with a weak heart, this might be an issue.

Be prepared for healing reactions : You may temporarily experience a mild headache, fatigue or muscle pains after undergoing FIRE therapy. This temporary flare ups are in reality a sign that deep healing is occurring and there is nothing to worry about.

Stay away from alcohol: Do not consume alcohol immediately before or during your FIRE session. Alcohol increases your heart rate, and so does this therapy. Also, alcohol clouds your judgment, which is never a good thing.

Prescription drugs: It goes without saying that if you are on prescription medication of any kind, you would want to consult your doctor before trying this therapy.

Hemophilia: Hemophiliacs should not try FIRE therapy.

Chronic ailments: Medial conditions like multiple sclerosis, diabetes with neuropathy and tumors of the central nervous system may reduce the ability for the skin to sweat. Anyone with these conditions would want to consult a doctor before trying FIRE therapy.

Pacemakers: Anyone using pacemakers or defibrillators would want to consult a doctor before signing up.

Pregnant women: If you are pregnant, you would want to consult a doctor before signing up.

Fever : Anyone running a temperature would not want to try a sauna until after they recover from it completely.

No topical skin care products: Do not use any topical skin care products while you are in the sauna as this may impair your ability to sweat.

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