Extraordinary Moms from Around the Globe

With every bundle of joy comes the gift of motherhood. From hands that rock the cradle to the ones that knit a sweater to keep us warm, mums always seem to have a way of making their children smile. Momma bears fiercely protect their cubs and will go to any extent to keep them safe. We’ve put together a mix of the most heart-wrenching stories from across the planet which prove without a doubt that a mother’s love knows no bounds.

Mom Vs. Wild – Maureen Lee

Who do you think would win in a showdown between an 88-pound cougar and a loving mother? The answer might surprise you. It was just another normal Tuesday night for Maureen Lee as she was taking a brisk walk with her daughter, Maya, and her dog near the quiet town of Breckendale. Unbeknownst to them, a wild cougar pounced on Maya and put his paws on her head. The heroic mother Maureen knew she had to act quickly and jumped in there to wedge herself between her baby and the beast. She then threw the big cat off her back, grabbed Maya and fled to a nearby house for safety.

As luck would have it, they managed to get away from the whole predicament with just a few bruises to Maya’s arm and head. What was the little girl’s reaction to all this commotion? “Why didn’t the kitty place nice?” Maya replied unfazed.

Mom Vs. Car – Angela Cavallo

Back in April 1982, residents of Lawrenceville, Georgia, got a glimpse of super-human strength. Young Tony Cavallo had parked his 1964 Chevy Impala in the driveway, held the vehicle up by a jack and removed the rear tire. He was working on the suspension when he rocked the car off the jack. The staggering weight of the car pinned him down and left him unconscious. Luckily, his mother, Angela, heard the noise and rushed outside immediately. When she saw her son was caught between the wheels, she instinctively grabbed the side of the car with both hands, whispered a prayer and promptly lifted the Chevy off the ground. She kicked Tony’s legs to wake him up and yelled ‘Get out, get out’ before her neighbors ran towards the Chevy and dragged him out.

Angela was able to save her son from serious injury and in the process, proved that the power of a mother’s love is the strongest.

Mom Vs. Time – Joanna Krzysztonek

What do you do when you’re about to deliver triplets and you lose one of your beloved children to premature birth? That’s the situation Polish mother Joanna Krzysztonek was in when she heard the doctor inform her that one of her babies passed away. 21 weeks into pregnancy, Mrs Krzysztonek had no intention to let her other two children share the same fate. The doctors advised her to lie down at a 30-degree angle, with her feet pointing at the ceiling, in an attempt to reduce the risk of contractions starting again. She remained in that position for a staggering two and a half months. 75 days later, Joanna gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Iga, and her brother, Ignancy, at a neo-natal clinic in Wroclaw.

‘I am feeling so elated that words can’t describe it. They are such good babies, they are really calm and sometimes they even have the gentlest little smile.” Joanna remarked on her experience. She now holds the record for the longest labour ever recorded. Some endurance test huh?

These instances just go to show that maternal instincts are universal and cannot be ignored. Mothers never shy away from going the extra mile for their babies but it should be the other way around. This Mother’s Day, don’t forget to be grateful to your mum for giving you the life you deserve.

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