Oil Pulling for Dental Health

It’s no secret that Ayurveda offers a treasure trove of remarkable theories and practices to apply and benefit from in your daily lives. One such useful and vastly beneficial practice is oil pulling – a time-tested practice which involves swishing around an oil in your mouth for oral detoxification.

Oil pulling dates back to the Vedic era in India and has been consistent in its results, drawing out harmful bacteria and toxins to help maintain clean and healthy vital organs. If you’re wondering how an oil can do better, what a mouthwash already does, it’s because the bacteria dissolves in the oil and gets carried away when it’s spit out.

This technique is most effective when practiced for 15-20 minutes and unrefined or ‘virgin’ coconut oil is used. Coconut oil is an ideal choice since it can regulate the action of streptococcus mutans, an acid-producing bacterium commonly found in the mouth and a major cause of tooth decay.

Natural process, powerful results.

Involving nothing more than swishing a naturally occurring oil in your mouth for a few minutes, this technique delivers infinitely more in proportion. Not only does it rid your mouth of bacteria, it also helps eliminate bad breath and plaque, prevent cavities, reduce inflammation, and improve gum health.

How to get oil pulling right?

There are a few things to be cautious about if you intend to get started with an oil pulling routine:

  • Always use virgin or extra-virgin oils as they contain all the important micronutrients beneficial to your body.
  • Practice on an empty stomach for best results.
  • Use about half to one tablespoon of oil, ideally a quantity that won’t put too much strain on your facial muscles over 20 minutes.
  • Swish the oil around for at least 15 minutes for best results, pushing and pulling it through the teeth and rinsing the gum.
  • Whatever happens, DO NOT swallow the oil as it will be brimming with harmful nutrients and bacteria.
  • Spit on to a paper towel to dispose instead of using the sink as the oil could clog your pipes over time.
  • Brush your teeth after with an organic or fluoride-free toothpaste.

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