Many of you wanted to get a Botox® injection and see your frowns, wrinkles, crow’s feet instantly disappear. You would like to obtain relief from migraine and cluster headaches but worry about the botulinum bacteria used in a Botox® injection. Even though your immune system can kill the bacteria, the toxins produced will still remain in the body. Many of you may fear the toxins that remain after a Botox® injection.

Over the past decade, Hylunia Wellness MD Spa has been developing a detoxification technique to remove the toxins produced by the botulinum bacteria. Now, Hylunia Wellness MD Spa has the answer to your fears and concerns about the dead bacteria and toxins produced in each cell and present in the fluids of your body.

The detox method is based on science and medicine. It has led to the awarding of the Nobel Prize to a scientist who showed that if the toxins are not removed from each of your cells, the toxins will kill those cells. Another scientist was awarded the Nobel Prize for showing that the fluids and toxins in the body have positive and negative charges. Hylunia’s scientists and doctors at US Advanced Medical Research Inc. used these discoveries to develop the unique Cellular Ionic Detoxification technique with Far Infra -Red Energy (FIRE) Therapy.

Look fantastic and remain toxin free at Hylunia Wellness MD Spa today!

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Botox® is a registered trademark of Allergan Inc. This post is not meant to discourage guests from getting Botox® injections but rather intended to provide them with a means to get injections without worrying about the threat of botulisms.

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