A Taste Of Wellness

Why should you want to taste wellness?

These days everyone has their own definition of wellness. For some it’s physical and for others it’s mental. The debate can go on forever. At Hylunia Wellness MD Spa we do not wish to debate what is wellness. We want to give you a taste of wellness. That is what this program is all about. Once you taste wellness you will realize there is nothing like it. Do not wait any longer. Come try it and see it for yourself!

We take you through a series of treatments and meditations, we bring you to a state of body and mind where you will know what TRUE RELAXATION really means. A state which will help you go back to the carefree state of being that you experienced as a child.

Then, you will be ushered into a quite room where, while listening to uplifting music and sipping tea you can get creative. You can write out your ideas, use your imagination, plan your future, paint a picture or play with modelling clay or just sit and relax!



Non-member price: $500
Bundled w/Chakra Balancing Facial: $600
Member price: $450
Bundled w/Chakra Balancing Facial: $530

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