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Whatever your profession may be, whatever your lifestyle or level of fitness, we know how to get you to completely relax, forget your worries and indulge in some “You time.” The time you spend at the spa has to be about YOU and not about your worries, your children, your job, your spouse or your in-laws. It has to be only about you. Or you and your spa partner as the case may be. The atmosphere at our spa is so serene, calm, clean and tranquil that your mind is forced to abandon its worries and de-stress while you soak in the peaceful and healing sights, sounds and aromas of the spa.

Our goal is to help our customers achieve total well-being, health and balance through a combination of Wellness Education, Detoxing, Therapeutic Massage, Stress Release Modalities, Pain Management, Age Defying Facials, Chakra Alignments, Ayurvedic Rituals, Sleep Therapy and Energy Activated Wellness Meditations.

Our clients say our therapists have a magic touch! They are trained to help you relax, release stress, overcome pain, be rejuvenated and come out looking absolutely BEAUTIFUL! And that is not all. We also teach you how to take care of yourself, and send you home with a homecare protocol so that you can continue this beautiful journey at home. We only use “Hylunia Skin Care” products in our services and these products have always been Toxin Free, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Gluten Free, GMO Free, Cruelty Free and Vegan

About Hylunia Wellness MD Spa

The Hylunia Wellness MD Spa was created by Dr. Lingam, the co-founder of Hylunia Skin Care, to allow people to experience the Hylunia philosophy in a practical way. The Hylunia Spa is designed to be a place where people of all ages and from all walks of life can come and learn to achieve balance, wellness and happiness in their own way. With this goal in mind, Dr. Lingam has brought various Eastern modalities combined with Western science under one roof, right here in Costa Mesa, CA.

  • All the modalities have been personally designed by Dr. Lingam based on his more than 3 decades of research.
  • All the therapists undergo specialized energy-based training on how to perform the treatments and how to treat clients.
  • You always get more than you pay for in comparison to typical offerings on the market.
  • We take you through a guided meditation journey and Bali ritual to relax you before your services.
  • Before your facials and chakra balancing massage we help you reach a state of total relaxation with our chakra alignment therapy, incorporating Chi/Prana energy (FIRE).
  • Every facial includes a complimentary Vitamin C peel which revitalizes your skin and removes dead cells.
  • We offer proprietary energy-activated meditations and sleep therapy which are integrated into our wellness programs
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