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holistic innovation.

As one of our core values, science-based holistic innovation is our commitment to products and services that are all natural, safe and provide real results. Our company was founded by medical doctors, naturopaths, Ayurvedic physicians and scientists and our products are used by the world’s leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons and resorts. So, demonstrable results are of prime importance. As proven by the test of time over the past 25 years, simply stated, Hylunia products work.

Timea Pereni – Spa Manager

TimeaPereniBioPic Based on her strong belief in the healing power of relaxation, Timea Pereni is committed to provide the highest level of care and service. She graduated from SCD, Ireland where she had the opportunity to learn from devoted, outstanding professionals a large variety of massages, body treatments and facials. As an appreciation of her hard work as a student, she was honored to receive the student of the year award.

Soon after graduation, Timea decided to take to international waters with a world-renowned spa company as a massage therapist. With a genuine interest in people’s well-being and a thorough knowledge of facials and body treatments she would be thrilled to assist you in finding the most suitable spa experience your body and soul needs.

Dr. Lingam (Vythilingam) - Anti-Aging/Wellness/Ayurveda Educator

Dr. Lingam got involved in skin care after finding out about the toxic chemicals in his baby’s skin care products. Dr. Lingam was born into multiple generations of Ayurvedic family physicians in Sri Lanka and educated in England in Chemical Engineering and worked in pharmaceutical and synthetic (rocket) fuels before entering into the anti aging - wellness field twenty-five years ago. Since 1988, he has combined the wisdom of the East with the science of the West to provide true and practical result-oriented, age-defying programs, therapies, and toxins free formulations. These programs and therapies encompass yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, mantra, energy work, Ayurvedic Aromacology, chakra balancing, anti-aging treatments and programs, detox programs (intense Panchakama), weight management, natural skin care, nutritional products, aesthetic treatments and happiness.

Dr. Lingam has conducted research for 15 years with Brian Jegasothy, MD, formally chairman of the Department of Dermatology, University of Pittsburg, on anti-aging and inflammatory ingredients. He has also researched and worked with nutritional experts, Yogis and Ayurvedic physicians in India, anti-aging physicians and scientists, plastic surgeons, physicians and Naturopathic physicians to develop age-defying programs and therapies.

His research with Dr. Brian Jegasothy lead to the development of formulations that are natural and free of inflammatory and potentially carcinogenic ingredients which are linked to aging, diseases and cancer. His experience of growing up in yoga and in an Ayurvedic physician family as well as his knowledge of inflammatory and carcinogenic ingredients and the implication of stress, convinced him to incorporate the best of the modern science with the modalities of the East to boost the immune system performance and to live healthy and happy.

Dr. Lingam shares his scientific research of the 5000-year-old Yoga-Ayurveda-Siddha medicine and experience through Yoga, Ayurveda and Anti-Aging seminars and workshops around the world. He lives in Henderson, Nevada, USA.

Cheryl Slader {Cherylshakti} - Lead Yoga Instructor

HWMDSpa-Site-About-Bio-Photo2 Cheryl Slader has been teaching dance, exercise, and yoga for thirty years. Cheryl has been certified to teach yoga by Erich Schiffmann, Jivamukti Yoga and Doug Swenson. Cheryl completed her 500 hour National Yoga Alliance teacher trainings which included an apprenticeship in New York City with senior teacher Ruth Lauer-Manenti. Cheryl is the yoga professor at the College of Southern Nevada, teaches at the Las Vegas Recovery Center, Spa Bellagio, Spa Aria, and Redrock Casino. Cheryl has taught private lessons to professional athletes, celebrities and to business executives. She has appeared on TV and has been interviewed by numerous publications. Inspired by rock star Sting to pursue yoga, Cheryl emphasizes the philosophy of "living the practice off the mat." Cheryl is the founder of SEEDS OF PEACE, a nonprofit organization that strives to deliver yoga to “at risk” youth. By living the practice, trusting the universe, and extending kindness and compassion, Cheryl hopes to change the lives and share the sacred teachings of yoga to ALL. “Love is the key.”