The science of positive attitude

Live a happy life. Neuropeptides, such as endorphins, keep you happy, creative and positively charged. We show you how to cause your body to release these chemicals and convert negative energy to positive energy through mantra meditation, yoga, gem therapy, light therapy, Far Infra-Red Energy (FIRE) therapy, positive thinking and our signature Rituals of Bali. Then, you can pass it on – charge people in your life with good energy and vibrations.


The human body acquires and accumulates toxins from food, air, water, medications, antibiotics, products applied on the skin, various types of head treatments and also negative emotions and thoughts. As these toxins accumulate, they begin to have a negative impact on the body’s immune system, its ability to repair and heal itself and also in the overall quality of an individual’s life. Without systematic changes to the person’s diet, use of personal care products and cultivation of an active lifestyle with sufficient doses of physical activity a progressive deterioration in health is likely to occur.

At Hylunia, we have a deep understanding of the causes and sources of toxicity in the human body as well as ways and means to detoxify the body. All our body and skin treatments are designed to include detoxification benefits in general. However, we also have specific detox modalities to help individuals get rid of accumulated toxins and restore the full functioning of the body.

These detox modalities are recommended by a qualified professional after proper assessment of the individual’s lifestyle and current condition.

Please call 1-949-313-7760 to speak with one of our wellness coaches on enrolling in a holistic detox program designed by Hylunia Skin Care.

Cellular Ionic Detox (Botulinum Detox)

50 minutes – $99

Many of you may have wanted to get a Botox® injection and see your frowns, wrinkles, crow’s feet instantly disappear. If it’s the risk of botulism that is stopping you, then worry no more! Here at the spa, we have developed a detoxification technique to remove the toxins produced by the botulinum bacteria. Our Cellular Ionic Detoxification technique with Far Infra -Red Energy (FIRE) Therapy will help you look fantastic and remain botulism-free after your Botox® injection!

Duration Price Book Now Gift a Friend
50 Minutes $99
Time Price Book Now Gift A Friend
50 MIN $99
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