Meditation can be defined as a practice where an individual focuses his or her mind on a particular object, thought or activity to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state.

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Fill yourself with positive energy

You need to be free of all negative energy and thoughts to be truly happy. Consider the Spa your safe haven, a warm and cozy retreat filled with positive energy and happiness. It’s a place where you may release all negative chakra blockages through positive thinking, customized mantra meditation and yoga. We will help you dispel negative energy and replace it with positive energy. Of course, happiness is contagious. So, once you have made the personal transformation in your life, you can influence others with your happiness.


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The modern achievement oriented, success oriented and individual gratification centered lifestyle creates an experience of “run, run, run…” in which there are very few moments of true relaxation. Without sufficient relaxation the mind is constantly chasing highs. The knowledge worker in a typical present day workplace can be found operating with coffee in one hand and the other hand on the keyboard while the eyes glance furtively at multiple screens and the mind races to catch up on facts while framing and analyzing complex technical problems. Email is a great tool, but ends up making zombies out of people. One could say that the activity calendar of today’s school going child bears an uncanny resemblance to a CEO’s calendar. The range of emotions covered during a typical day is quite exhausting. The day may start off on a high, celebratory note with a person feeling relaxed, expansive and powerful but end on a pessimistic note with the same person feeling depressed and defeated. Or vice-versa.

This roller coaster of emotions takes a heavy toll on the body as each cell in the body faithfully obeys the commands of the mind and produces a response to each and every thought and emotion. Continuous negative emotions (psychosomatic causes) have been linked to physical and mental distress and disease. People today try to cope with these challenges using treadmills and gym workouts, however, even those are done in an environment of extreme mental distraction and increased mental activity – listening to the gym instructor, watching TV, reading magazines or listening to music. This physical workout also therefore does not help to address the specific problems of the modern individual suffering from attention deficit and sheer mental fatigue.

Deep meditation and deep restful sleep then, are not optional luxuries but daily necessities for the effective functioning of an individual. One cannot anymore imagine leading a healthy life by working on the body alone.

Wellness Energy Activated Meditations

60 minutes – $75

Meditation has to be an integral part of a good wellness system. Dr. Lingam has used his more than three decades of experience as a meditator and healer to create these wellness meditations exclusively for Hylunia Spa guests. Practice these regularly in our specially designed meditation chambers to supplement your other wellness routines.


Please call 1-949-313-7760 to speak with one of our wellness coaches about setting up an appointment at our spa.

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