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Description of the Program. Our core values are: “To benefit humanity by providing holistic, clinical, safe, effective and non-toxic skin care products.” So, all of our treatments feature products that are totally toxin free, preservative free, paraben free, cruelty free, GMO Free, vegan and fair trade and against human trafficking and slavery. Since 1988, this has been at the cornerstone of our company philosophy.


  • In 1988, Hylunia’s founders and a group of doctors researched skin care in order to find a solution for the sensitive skin of one of the founder’s babies.
  • Headed by Brian Jegasothy, M.D, then chair of the Department of Dermatology at the University of Pittsburgh, the team discovered that 99% of skin care products contained inflammatory ingredients. They found that continuous inflammation, including sub clinical inflammation, by skin care products, sun and environment could result in DNA changes and that most skin care products sold as natural, organic and anti-aging did not produce any clinical results.
  • So, Hylunia was formed in 1988 to create skin care products that would be free of potential inflammatory and toxic (even carcinogenic) ingredients and that created real, visible results.

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Name: Vinay Kulkarni


Mobile No: 123456789

Pricing Information

1 Hr : $200

2 Hr : $300

3 Hr : $400

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