Free yourself
of negative energy

You need to be free of all negative energy and thoughts to be truly happy. Consider the Spa your safe haven, a warm and cozy retreat filled with positive energy and happiness. It’s a place where you may release all negative chakra blockages through positive thinking, customized mantra meditation and yoga. We will help you dispel negative energy and replace it with positive energy. Of course, happiness is contagious. So, once you have made the personal transformation in your life, you can influence others with your happiness.

“Life is one percent what happens to you, and ninety-nine percent how you respond to it.”Shubhra Krishan

“Happiness is how you look at things” Dr. Lingam

Stress and pain have become accepted parts of modern life and many people have decided to throw in the towel and silently suffer. For those who are still looking for a way to deal with stress and pain, Hylunia can help. We have specially designed services and treatments that help you

Targeted Pain Relief Massage for the Desk Executive
30 minutes (weekdays only) - $65

This custom massage relieves the pain and tension caused by working on computers for extended periods of time without adequate breaks and physical movement. Our expert therapist will listen to you and target those painful areas to relieve the pain and tension. You feel relaxed and ready to take on challenging assignments.

Chronic Pain Relief Custom Massage
60 minutes - $125 / 75 minutes - $140 / 120 minutes - $210

This custom massage focuses on and micro targets specific pain points caused by old injuries, muscle tiredness, muscle damage, bad posture and surgery. Our well trained therapists achieve the highest state of pain relief by incorporating Far Infra-Red Energy (FIRE) therapy during the massage. Also, our happy and positive expert therapist will perform energy work to integrate your body and mind to relieve your pain and create a sense of wholeness.

Stress Relief Massage with FIRE therapy
60 minutes - $125 / 75 minutes - $140 / 120 minutes - $210

We use deep penetrating Far Infra-Red Energy (FIRE) Therapy at targeted points and critical areas of your body to melt away tension, relieve pain and balance your mind and body. It is recommended that you get stress reduction massages once or twice a month, and attend yoga, meditation and stress reduction classes at the spa to manage your stress, become creative and be happy.

Therapeutic Sports Massage
60 minutes - $115 / 75 minutes - $130 / 120 minutes - $200

Hylunia sports massage combines the localized massage and therapeutic meditations developed over three decades. This integration of modalities activates your mind to stimulate the production of healing hormones and peptides and boosts your immune system. The healing process is enhanced by the Far Infra-Red Energy (FIRE) Therapy add-on that facilitates rapid recovery and promotes a winning mind-set. This massage is designed for people who are active in sports, but it can also help anyone with muscle injuries, muscle tears or strain.

Post-Natal Stress Reduction Massage
60 minutes - $115

You completely relax while special care and signature techniques are used to comfort your body, mind and soul. Post-natal mothers are deprived of sleep, have post-partum issues and accumulated stress. Get pampered while enhancing your feeling of wellness. Our therapists will pay close attention to your special needs and make recommendations for any concerns such as stretch marks and itchiness.

Stress Reduction Couples Massage
60 minutes - $250 / 75 minutes - $280 / 120 minutes - $420

Scientists are now saying that oxytocin is not just a bonding hormone but can help you deal with stress as well. Hold hands, look into each other’s eyes and smile while our therapists’ expert but empathetic hands and oxytocin help to melt your stress away and create a togetherness experience to remember.

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