ERIKA GONZALEZAyurvedic Practitioner, Organic Makeup Artist, Hairstylist


Erika is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Organic Makeup Artist and Hairstylist who has focused her career on bringing a holistic lifestyle to her clients. With 10 years in the beauty industry, she was inspired to clean out her kit and dietary lifestyle after having her first child, and noticing that a lot of ingredients in the products she was using were harmful and even listed as toxic to the human body. This made her research different brands and companies that were safer, in order to provide some of the best products not only for her family but also for her clients.

With her focus being on enhancing one’s natural inner and outer beauty, she pursued Ayurveda classes at Southern California University of Health Sciences to be able to provide more grounded and balanced holistic services to her clients. After taking the first year for Wellness Educator and attending her clinic internship, she continued her education for Ayurvedic Practitioner. Upon seeing the benefits of Ayurvedic treatments on her patients she decided to do her part in helping spread the knowledge of Ayurveda. With Ayurveda being centered around the overall health of the Mind, Body and Spirit and Erika emphasizes its benefits in the daily care we provide our body with. She continues to incorporate Ayurvedic principles into her career and has helped bring Ayurveda to a number of families within the community.

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