takes time

You must live your life based on facts, results and what is good for you – not on “marketing hype” promising quick results. Our personal or small group seminars and classes will help you open your mind to what is possible and decide what’s right for you. In fact, we invite all spa guests to attend our workshops, seminars, cooking classes, yoga classes and mantra meditations to help you find a path that is perfect for you. Eastern natural therapies will take time to transform you. There are no overnight quick fixes, But, as Buddha said, “A journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step.” 

“Nurturing yourself is not selfish
– it’s essential to your survival and your well-being.”Renee Peterson Trudeau

Wellness means many things to many people. For us at Hylunia it is a state of balance and harmony of body, mind and soul. We have developed various programs to help you escape the stresses and worries of the outside world and achieve your inner balance.

Chakra Balancing Massage
75 minutes - $130 / 120 minutes - $200

Our Chakra Balancing massage achieves greater physical, mental and emotional health. Become one with your body while your Chakra (energy) points are aligned with specially blended chakra essential oils, gem stones and signature mantras. This massage is a treat for wellness minded people and those who practice yoga, meditation, Tai Chi and the martial arts.

Chakra Balancing Facial
75 minutes - $125

Your whole self is treated for total wellness with natural exotic Chakra-blend essential oils and gem stones that provide balance and harmony of the mind and body. Your facial includes a powerful double natural exfoliation to remove lifeless surface skin and bring tone, radiance and heavenly relaxation to rejuvenate, nourish, hydrate and minimize the fine lines and wrinkles.

Women’s Balancing Wellness Wrap
60 minutes - $115

First, we dry brush your body to buff and clear away dry areas and calm the nerves. Next, we soothe and restore with a wrap comprised of an exotic blend of hormone balancing herbs and minerals specifically formulated to calm and balance the female body and stabilize hormonal fluctuations. Final full-body balance is achieved with a custom blend of tranquillity healing and restoring cream.

Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap
60 minutes - $115

Detoxification is an essential and important part of any wellness routine. Detoxing the skin with this herbal wrap helps to remove toxins. This wellness wrap contains detox herbs infused with clary sage essential oils, witch hazel and therapeutic minerals to increase blood circulation and detoxify the skin. You will come out refreshed and rejuvenated with a sense of peace and happiness. You get the best results when this treatment is combined with the Ultimate Cellular-Ionic Detox with Hammam Ritual.

Ultimate Cellular-Ionic Detox with Hammam Ritual
75 minutes - $130

This is the queen of all wellness detoxes. This wellness treatment will detox and create vibrations with chi/Prana energy (4 -5 micron) at the cellular level. It will also stimulate the lymphatic system and move the blood to the porous feet which are then cleansed by the ionic detox unit. Then, enjoy a total body exfoliation on a heated Hammam table. Come out feeling balanced, energized and totally fresh!

Wellness Energy Activated Meditations
60 minutes - $75

Meditation has to be an integral part of a good wellness system. Dr. Lingam has used his more than three decades of experience as a meditator and healer to create these wellness meditations exclusively for Hylunia Spa guests. Practice these regularly in our specially designed meditation chambers to supplement your other wellness routines.

Please call 1-949-313-7760 to speak with one of our wellness coaches about setting up an appointment at our spa.

Hylunia Yogic Sleep Therapy with Meditation
90 minutes - $160

While modern science does not fully understand the mysteries of sleep, it has been studied in great detail by India’s yogic traditions and there are centuries-old, proven techniques for inducing deep sleep that help people’s bodies and minds to relax, recuperate and return to balance and vitality. Hylunia brings you yogic sleep therapies designed exclusively for Hylunia Spa customers by Dr. Lingam.

Please call 1-949-313-7760 to speak with one of our wellness coaches about setting up an appointment at our spa.

Shirodhara Ritual*
60 minutes - $130

This ancient Ayurvedic treatment is the absolute queen of all healing relaxation therapies. Deep breathing techniques calm your senses and prepare you for warm oil gently cascading onto your forehead to stimulate your 3rd eye chakra while it runs through your hair. Try this if you want to have an out-of-this-world relaxation technique.

* This ritual is not recommended if you have sensitive hair dyes.

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